Monday, 14 July 2008

More Challenges and Bootcampers

After the success of the 50K challenge, I've joined up to two more challenges run by the same ladies.

  1. Page a Day Challenge - my aim is to write or edit a page a day
  2. From Start To Published Challenge - which from 1 November, we have a year to write, edit and submit a book. I'm going to work on a manuscript called 'Beyond World' which has been in my head for a long, long time! It needs it's day in the sun and it's long overdue - it's suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.
I'm also doing a BIAW challenge with the Bootcampers. My aim: 7K. So far - zilch. *sigh*

And of course, it's the Month of Positivism at the Bootcamper blog. So far I've managed the two weeks of tasks.
  • I cleared my desk, cleaned and started to put what I needed back onto it. I wont tell you about the things that haven't made it's way to my desk yet. Let's just say I have a huge pile to get though.
  • I've done a number of tasks that I had put off doing and you know what, I've continued doing that this week too - made and gone to appointments, ironing, visiting old friends, contacting others, on so forth.
  • Now to think of the book that made me *want* to write or *decide* to write - this week's task.
Don't forget you are all welcome to join in the tasks if you like. Just visit the Bootcamper blog.

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