Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Happy Name Day to me!

I'm named Eleni after my paternal grandmother in the tradition of Greek families. In the Greek Orthodox world, the name day for Eleni is May 21st. So is Konstantine. So I can have a double celebration -- hmmm hmmm double the food! *grin*.

Saint Eleni (Helen) was Emperor Konstantine the Great's mother (both depicted in the picture). She was reported to have found of the Holy Cross of Jesus. More info here.

For more about namedays, you can read here!

So Happy Name Day to all the Elenis, Helens, Elenas, Konstantine(/a)s, Kostas out there. Na heromaste tin yiorti mas. (Wishing us joy for our nameday). Hronia pola (Many happy years)!

Yia :)
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