Monday, 21 April 2008


This weekend marks the celebrations of Orthodox Easter, which is based on the Julian calender instead of the Gregorian (further info can be found at Wilkepedia).

Other than thinking of the resurrection of Christ, the two things I think of when I hear the word 'Easter' are - going to church for "midnight" mass and glorious food. So it was no wonder that I found a lovely explanation of Greek Orthodox traditions on the Greek Food page on the site.

*Warning to
vegetarians- next paragraph contains references to meat*
I'm fasting from meat this week - so when Easter Sunday rolls around, I am craving it. Sorry vegetarians. We traditionally have a lamb on the spit and this year we are having a pig on the spit too. I remember when I was really young, before motorized spits, my papou (grandfather) used to turn the spit by hand. And the best way of eating is directly off of the spit. Absolutely delicious. Oh gosh, it's still a whole week away!!

It's battle stations in my house as we will be hosting the Easter Sunday lunch for my extended family. It's a wonderful time to get together and just enjoy the day . And in true Greek style, there will definitely be plenty of food and drink!!!

Kalo Pascha!
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