Saturday, 29 March 2008

Helping Hands

Last time I wrote about the writing community and it's support. Which led me to thinking about support in general. I like to support various causes even in a small way. It doesn't have to monetary either - which brings me two causes I'm currently supporting via the internet.

The Click to Give Free Mammograms at The Breast Cancer Site, which you just have to click a button so site sponsors donate money for free mammograms. So it's Free to just click a button. You can also have an email reminder sent to you to 'remember to click' or send an e-card.

Harlequin's 100,000 Book Challange where donations are made to the National Center for Family Literacy for every book read. All you have to do is be a eharlequin member (it's free) and you can participate and you don't only have to read books published by Harlequin. Since I'm reading anyway, at least a good cause is being supported.

So just spreading the word folks. Be well.
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