Thursday, 14 February 2008


Well here I am entering the blogging abode. Thought I would get on this wagon and see where it takes me.

I've only had short stories published, so I'm hoping this chronicles my journey to the Land of the Publishing Career - the mysterious place we unpublished authors dream about. I feel like Dorothy going down the yellow brick road to get to Oz. Can you see the quest theme already in my work :)

I've got 2 manuscripts I'm working on. One in final editing stages and one in first very rough draft stage. They're on the list of things to do. There's many more stories jumping up and down begging for attention. On the list. And I've got a clutter filled study/formal lounge room. I have to do something about that. Put that on the list too.

I love a good story and my reading taste ranges over many genres and styles. Soaking it all up. Same with TV and movies. My TBR piles are growing by the day and so is my TBW (to be watched) pile. Lists, lists and more lists. Oh my!

Thanks for popping in and come back again. Though I suspect there will only be the occassional rambling from me. Well for now anyway :)

Yia (see ya)

PS And it's Valentine's Day - hope it was a good one.
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