Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Trekking Tuesday - it's back!

I haven't done Trekking Tuesday for a long while. I come across all sorts of information in my day, so this is my way of sharing. :D

JK Rowling will do a Harry Potter play

According to People, the play will be about Harry in his pre-Hogwarts years. Yep, living with his sucky relatives.

Ever wanted to know the difference between a geek and a nerd?
Well here it is...

source: Slackpropagation

A Space 2014 Calendar
A printable calendar brought to you by @chandraxray who is an observatory whose ongoing mission is to study the X-ray Universe.

Five amazing university libraries
Libraries continue to be the hub of academic life (thank goodness). Check out these amazing looking libraries.

Law Library at University of Zurich
Source: TimesHigherEducation

Amazing 3D printing
Wow, this is amazing - In the US, a teenage boy uses 3-D printer at a library to make a hand for a younger friend.

Education not what it used to be
School libraries closed for years in San Diego. This got to me - I lived at my school library growing up and for children not to have access, is such a shame.

source: Voice of San Diego

Librarians still needed
According to the NY Daily News, the Brooklyn library answered 3.5 million questions in 2013. We live in an information age, but it's not always easy for people to decipher the information out there. That's where librarians come in.

Long live libraries!

Stolen book stats
I can't believe how many books that were stolen or forgotten to be returned at the Brooklyn library in 2012. I've not returned one book in my lifetime and I did track down the person who I borrowed it from years later. I must admit I do hold a few books that I've borrowed from friends but it's that 'take your time'. Dangerous with me when my reading pile is a reading mountain range.

The Book Depository has a new batch of bookmarks that were chosen via a competition. They're all amazing and different. I love the imagination of this one...

and these two are cute...


and this one has an owl in it...

Images from the Book Depository site

Read a novel in 90 minutes
This new App apparently teaches your brain to do just that. We read at about 220 words per minute but this helps get your speed up to 500 wpm. I think you will need to look at the screen for way longer than I did. 250 was comfortable but a couple of words went past me, so 350 and 500 wpm - nope. See what you think. 

Gilmore Girls and books
This one made me laugh as I'm a GG fan. In the series, Rory reads a lot of books. Here's the list of ALL the 339 books mentioned during the series. I thought this would be a good challenge and if you read the article, someone has already started this! Go them. Alas, I have too many books to read but you know that this will be niggling at me to do, right?

Girl power! 
If you don't know about the Stella Awards? They are to help celebrate Australian Women's writing in both fiction and non-fiction. The prize is named after one of Australia’s iconic female authors, Stella Maria ‘Miles’ Franklin, and was awarded for the first time in 2013.

The Stella was to show that women writers can indeed write amazing books as as you will see from this link - reviewers on the whole are biased against women.

See the shortlist here.

Hope you enjoyed the first column back!


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