Saturday, 9 June 2012

Stunning Saturday: Raphael

As part of my Art History class, I had do a little project on a Renaissance artist. I chose Raphael, because even though I knew the name I didn't know anything about his work.

He is a grand master of the Renaissance period and the most prolific artist. He died early at the age of 37, after suffering a fever (apparently he fell into said fever after a very long and energetic night with his mistress!). His work has rich colours, and the folds of the clothes are beautiful.

It's now that I realise that one of my favourite artworks - The Cherub Angels - is an extracted from Rafael's The Sistine Madonna (see below).

Here are some of his works. 

St Catherine of Alexandria

The Ressurection

St George and The Dragon

The Entombing

The Crucifixion

St Michael and the Devil/Demon

He had a fascination with drawing the Madonna & Child, which has led me dubbing him as The Madonna Man. He had a few typical ones in the manner of the first two below...

His most famous Madonna & Child piece, which is different in pose and setting. 

The Sistine Madonna

Madonna de Sedia (Madonna of the Chair)

We had to write a couple of paragraphs on a piece of their work. I chose Madonna de Sedia . It's different to his other Madonna & Child work - it seems more intimate, more warm, and more comforting. From the way Mary holds the baby Jesus, to the warm colours used, to the circular shape of the painting. It is inviting and more real.

Absolutely stunning.

Hope you have enjoyed this step into the history of Art.... I may bring you more in future....


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