Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Writing Buddy Wednesday: R*BY nominations

Fantastic news as writing buddies are nominated for the R*BY (pronounced Ruby) Awards (run by the RWAus). The writing buddies who have been mentioned on the blog and have been nominated are highlighted in red:

Short Sweet
Molly Cooper’s Dream Date – Barbara Hannay
How To Save a Marriage In a Million – Leonie Knight
Abby and The Bachelor Cop – Marion Lennox
Single Dad’s Triple Trouble – Fiona Lowe

Short Sexy
The Fearless Maverick – Robyn Grady
The Man She Loves to Hate – Kelly Hunter
The Wedding Charade – Melanie Milburne
Her Not-So-Secret-Diary – Anne Oliver

Long Romance
Midnight’s Wild Passion – Anna Campbell
Boomerang Bride – Fiona Lowe
The Best Laid Plans – Sarah Mayberry
The Voyagers – Mardi McConnochie

Romantic Elements
The Trader’s Wife – Anna Jacobs
The Shelly Beach Writers’ Group – June Loves
Busted In Bollywood – Nicola Marsh
Shattered Sky – Helene Young

Of course having been a member of RWAus for so long, I know most of these names and so I feel such joy to see them on the shortlist. 

Congratulations to all! Enjoy the nomination.


Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner at the Diamonds are Forever conference. And guess who is the Awards Dinner co-ordinator? uh-ha, you guessed it, moi. So excited!


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