Sunday, 12 February 2012

Super Sunday

Instead of a quote this week, I bring you a thought.

Would the world be a happier place if we were congratulated on tasks we did?

What prompted this? Zumba class. At the end of the class, people clap and say 'well done'. Which reminded me of the carry-ons in sports like soccer and football.

So, should all tasks requiring effort be awarded with the same enthusiasm?

At work, would you be more likely to say, add paper into the copy machine, if you were rewarded this way?

Maybe not, because it's usually a matter of doing what needs to be done. But it would be nice if people recognised it, don't you think?

At home, surviving the grocery shopping deserves tremendous high fives, especially if there are children tagging along. After a stint scrubbing the bathroom, wouldn't it be nice to get some 'woohoos'?

Mundane tasks will then be transformed to 'yeah, I did that' with a sense of achievement, instead of 'finally got that done'.

Maybe the point is more we have to congratulate ourselves on jobs well done, no matter how big or small.

Maybe I just think too much. Actually I KNOW I think too much. It's part of being a writer.

Okay, speaking of writers. I just stumbled across this from SF Signal. It's a send up of George R. R. Martin reading a nursery rhyme.

Youtube link

Have a spectacular week and remember to congratulate yourselves.

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