Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June challenge update

Well tomorrow is the last day of June, and while I didn't reach my June goal, I'm happy with what I did achieve.

It seems my brain this month was tuned to editing, and so that is what I concentrated on. I have now sent GTH for a CP for the final review (thanks, A!). So when that is done, I will be sending it off.  So while I wait, I will work on the cover letter. There is such an art to them.

As for L&D, more of the plot is unfolding in my little head - of course, I'm writing things down.

Concentration has been an issue this month, with many breaks, and naps. Oh, the joys of CFS. Still, I'm chugging along, doing what I can do.

I actually did something I haven't done in long time - I wrote a poem yesterday. I don't consider myself a poet, but I do sometimes have things that come to me in poetry form. Sometimes it's more in song form - with a tune to it. Not like I'm a musician either. But it seems to me things come in a form that is best for the story, or that's what I think :))

Again, some stories are just short ones, as what is attested by my recent publications in flash fiction. I do enjoy doing these pieces. So I want to do more of them until my brain is ready to work on the next novel.
A balance of sorts.


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