Sunday, 28 November 2010

So much to do... little time.

You all hear me on that right? I'm not the only one I know. I sometimes think this modern world with all its conveniences has life more busy. Well, we want it all don't we. And there is so much to choose from.

So I have to rethink the way I do things. I have to do this every so often because of the CFS. I'm getting things done, don't get me wrong, but I feel like I could accomplish everything in a more 'paced' way. A more balanced way.

I'm a night owl. I've stated this how many times over the years, but the world is not. This time of night - it's now 2.30am here-- is a time when I can get work done without phone calls or too much disturbance. But when you have appointments during the week like I had this week, it can shake this schedule.

So productivity vs practicality. Maybe I need to do a weekly plan. That way if on a day when I'm really tired, I can adjust things.

OK, so this week will be busy in my non-writing world, and therefore there will be less time with writing. While NaNo has been a bit of a bust (I've got about 6,000 words done) I am still writing and submitting and working. So that's a good thing.

I'm really happy with the way a new project is going. A paranormal romance novella.

So what do I want to do this week?

  • Write - work on the novella. It would be great if I can get the first draft done by end January (have to realise there is a little thing called Christmas and associated goings-on with that)
  • start 2nd draft - Gateway novella. I gave this a read through and I just need to fix a couple of plot points before the polishing starts, so a second draft is in order.
  • Short stories - fix plot pitfalls of clown story.
That should do right?

I do have other associated tasks to do with writing:
  • Hearts Talk project for Romance Writers of Australia
  • A banner design
  • Blogging and keeping up with blogs. Actually I have to review blogs I subscribe to and see if I should continue. It's great getting information, but I feel like I'm in information overload territory.
I'll see how I go.....

Until next time, take care.



Mel Teshco said...

Hi Eleni,
and I sooo know what you mean!! I'm trying to pare down the stuff I really don't need too... but it's hard!!! LOL

Kylie Griffin said...

When you find paring down on things is hard, then you know you're addicted and it's time to undergo an intervention. LOL

I suspect I'll be faced with this task shortly myself! I've already started cutting back on some volunteer work I've been doing. I enjoy the work but practicality dictates I cut something. Sigh.

Rachael Johns said...

WOWSWERS - your list is making me STRESSED!! LOL - I have enough stress and things to do of my own at the moment so I so know what you mean. Lists really help though!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Yes Mel, it's hard to pick and choose, especially when you love to do things equally.

Kylie, addicted - who me? Over-volunteeritis, I call it. LOL. It sucks being practical doesn't it.

Hey Rach! Oh I don't intend to finish them this week :)) Just work on them. Stress levels lower now? I can imagine how busy you are ATM. Good luck. Where would we be without our lists?

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