Sunday, 7 November 2010

Busy bee....

I have been a busy little bee - my entry is winging its way to a competition, I'm working on a project for Romance Writers of Australia, undertaken Bob Mayer's Warrior Writer course via the Romance Writers of New Zealand, prepping for my blog seminar, sending query letters out, submitting short stories, and working on a banner, as well as the Dark Side DownUnder blog launch. Phew!

On the personal front, there has been a family wedding (huzzah!). Had a really great time and loved the Greek dancing - opa!!

And I'm thinking of changing the look of my blog. Not too drastically, maybe just the banner. But that will be a 'fill-in' job. You know the type of jobs you do snatches of in between other jobs.

So hope you are all well.

Oh and here's something I came up with at the I haz cheezburger site.  Love the expression!!

i haz cheezburger link

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