Sunday, 5 September 2010


Diaspora = a scattering; a dispersion; 
The scattering of any people from their original homeland

This is a flash piece I wrote a long time ago as part of my first Clayton's Conference. The theme had been being left behind. I thought I'd share.


The land cried out for all those who had dispersed from its shores.  The old woman sat on the wooden stool knitting with a tear in her eye, blistered hands trying to work a delicate pattern into shape.  It is for her grandchild, half a world away.  The seeds of a generation lost to this land, who had taken root in another.  Here was her life and her world; she could not go with them.  She was lucky – she still had family with her.  But like the land, while it lessened the loss and the ache, she still missed them.

This is a video at the Gabby Awards. 
"Created and hosted by Greek America Magazine, the nation’s most widely-circulated periodical for Greek Americans, the Gabby Awards were founded to celebrate excellence amongst Greek Americans and to reward those who embody it. The word “Gabby” evolves loosely from the acronym Greek America’s Best and Brightest Stars". ~ the Gabby Awards website

It has the song Diaspora by Glykeria, one of Greece's best female voices. This song is very emotional and is sung so beautifully. It is about the Diaspora of Greece (the film clip accompanying the music is about Greek Americans). 

Here are to all those who had to leave their shores and go searching for a new life elsewhere.

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