Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year a'coming....

My goodness I can't believe 2010 is just 9 hours away (for me anyway). 2009 has been an interesting year indeed. Ups and downs, forwards and backwards - such is life.

But as I reflect on the year, I'm looking at what I'm grateful for. My family and friends, and my writing buddies. It helps having a support system in the bad times and it is wonderful to share the good times. So from me to all of you, thank you....

It's difficult for the best of us to be there for everyone all the time. The intention can be there but it difficult - and not very realistic. Everyone has their own life with their own ups and downs. So number one - is to look after yourself. Sound selfish? I think not. Without looking after oneself, one can't look after others.

So this year, I've done this abit more at times - well during my down times anyway when my energy levels won't allow more. Thank goodness I have people that understand around me. So while I have people in my thoughts, I don't always get to be 'there' for them. I don't email people as much as I used to - hence why blogging is something I try and keep up with. A way of keeping in contact.

So I really hope that everyone has a fabulous 2010 - may your troubles be nil and your joy be vast!!!


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