Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Books by writing buddies.... Anna Hackett

What timing - Anna is running a promo on her blog to promote her book below & it's time for another of my Books by writing buddies. Actually it will be two fold, the one below linking to Anna's site and under that her debut release, Savage Dragon, which I'm currently reading...


As Keeper of the Winds, Livia Cavalli needed to focus her power on keeping the evil Tempest Winds trapped in their island prison. What she doesn't need is to be distracted by sexy horse trainer Rafe Donovan. Three hundred years ago, Livia became an immortal Keeper to numb her emotions, but Rafe arouses her in a way she hasn't felt for centuries.
For Rafe, Livia is a challenge he longs to solve--and take to bed. Once she's in his arms, their desire is overwhelming. But when his own powers reveal Livia's secret pain, he realizes taking her body isn't enough--he wants to heal her soul, too...
WIND KISSED, FIRE BOUND is now available at and all major online booksellers.
Watch out for the next story in the WindKeepers series, TAKEN BY THE SOUTH WIND, out in October.


They call him the Savage Dragon: Rordan Sarkany, knight of the Order of the Dragon, charged with tracking and destroying those who let their dragon blood turn them into beasts. In the wilds of Hungary, Rordan hunts one such creature—along with fellow warrior Kira Bethlen.
Both Rordan and his inner dragon desire Kira...and she can't resist Rordan's dangerous allure. But even if she succumbs to their attraction, can she ever forgive him for slaying her beloved brother?
This is still available from eharlequin

Both have great covers don't they.

Go Anna!
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