Sunday, 2 August 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Finally got the chance to see this and I did really enjoy it. I can disentangle myself from the book to see the films as separate entities - otherwise I would be disappointed because so many plot points are left out in the film. Loved the cinematography. The look of the films are getting darker and darker. Though there was enough humour to balance this out.

The characters are getting older and so there was lots of talk and scenes about snogging. And that's what I also loved about the books and now the movies - watching these characters grow. Well I am looking forward to the two parter movies for the last book. There is just too much to for one movie, actually it could be too much for two. We'll see how they tackle that.

I loved the world J.K. Rowling created and I love the fact there is a very smart and brave young witch called Hermione. A girl who tells it like it is, well except for matters of the heart. A girl who is Muggle born (ie not from the magical world for you non-Harry Potter readers/watchers) and who is so adapt at magic she pretty much aces every subject. Oh and the actress reminds me of a relative.

One thing about the Harry Potter phenomenon - it certainly got many children to read again and that truly is magical.

(I'm still editing but took some time out to go to the movies - after all a writer needs some R&R/research/inspiration!)


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