Saturday, 16 May 2009

I love my Mac most days....

Well truly, I love it everyday. It has really streamlined things for me. But the only frustrating thing with Mac is incompatibility or features not being the same as on a PC.

For instance, I wanted to use the webcam to talk to some family. No feature allowed this on MSN Messenger for Mac. I found  a different version and while I can see them, I can't hear them. I also wanted to do something on Microsoft Publisher but there's no Mac version and a 'version' I did find couldn't be opened the receiver on a PC. Urgggh.... frustrating. 

I suppose because this week has been stressful in other ways and so, it was just another thing to piss me off....ummm.... annoy me.

I did overhaul the Bootcamper blog, so that was good for the soul.

And this week, I hope to be a

Listening to: The Jeff Healey Band


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