Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have been feeling abit more under the weather than normal and so there has been no editing done this week.

However, in the name of research (love that word!), I've been catching up with episodes of Supernatural. I've just finished season 2. What a great show! Why didn't I watch it when it began on TV? 

And then I remember, it was against something else I was watching at the same timeslot (though I can't remember what), & to be honest, I don't like buying into hype and hysteria (the actors are good looking). Though another reason is just when I get into shows on TV, they disappear off the screen, or placed in a later, then later timeslot (which annoys me to no end!).

But I admit to my errors of judgement - because this story of two brothers and their relationship as they are 'hunting' all sorts of supernatural beings is just fabulous. Great acting by the two leads Jared Padalecki  and Jensen Ackles. I really believe the characters are brothers.  And yes they are good looking (and yep, as a female I appreciate that *g*) but as a writer, it's the characters that make me want to watch the show. 

Now to get a hold of season 3.


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