Friday, 2 January 2009

Year in Review and Forecasting

Everyone has been blogging about the achievements they achieved in 2008 and I felt tired reading all their achievements... a little bit deflated until I thought back to what I did do.

- Started my blog
- continued working on my craft with HD, still polishing but at least it's up to that stage now.
- went to the Roadshow in Adelaide
- wrote a piece about the Roadshow for Hearts Talk
- completed over 50K words for the June 50Ks In 30Days challenge on a new MS.
- participated in a Bootcamper plotting day
- started the Bootcampers blog
- became part of the Hearts Talk editing team as well as the web team
- participated in the Clayton's Conference (though not as much as I wanted to be because of flu)
- I got my Mac!!!!!!
- I launched my website
- I got the 'I LOVE your blog' award twice
- I entered 7 competitions.  2 I don't know the results yet - the others eh-eh. 
- I submitted a short story to an online magazine on the 31st December (one of my goals was to submit something!)
- read more than I had for a couple of years.

So it's not all too bad at all.


So now to think on my targets for 2009.
- finish off HD polishing
- submission to agents and publishers
- read Margie Lawson tutorial notes I had obtained - basically keep developing craft
- maintain blog and website
- finish of drafts of two manuscripts - L&D, and DT. If really ambitious, polish.
- notes for BW and start first draft.
- submit short stories to relevant markets - say 4.
- enter relevant competitions - I'll decide as I go along.
- continue with Team Hearts Talk and the Web team.
AND of course, the main goal be to get a contract or two ;)

I hope your year brings you wonderful news and happiness. Good luck with writing, reading, or whatever is the positive aspiration in your life.

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