Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Over the 20K mark!

Yay me!! Yes I'm at 23,421 words - see my little book counter go up on the right (on the site for those receiving this via feed). So almost half way. Abit behind but what the hell, I think I'm achieving more than I seriously thought I would be able to. So little happy dance!

Some of the ladies have seriously floored me with already reaching the 50K. Awe-inspiring, I tell you. Felicity, RC, Sandie!! Also a pat on the back for my fellow Bootcampers Alison, Hannah, and Tracey. And the SA contigent (Sharon, Lynn). Actually...great going everyone. Check out the blog.

I'm enjoying the way Delta is going. I thought it would be a novella but I'm over 23K and it's still getting interesting, flinging more questions than answers. LOL! It's alive! Maybe it won't be a mammoth like Alpha but it certainly wont be the 15-20K that I intially envisioned. LOL! Funny how I can either do short short stories or novels, but have yet to do something in between!!

Happy Writing...
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