Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Play it Loud!

Went to the Maroon 5 concert yesterday and must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They play LOUD and I like loud!!! I must admit I wasn't overly familiar with their songs. I don't listen the radio like I used to (commercials annoy me), so am not as familiar with current music. But Maroon 5 put on a great show and their supporting acts (Brandi Carlisle, One Republic) were good also. I like that feeling of coming out of a concert with your ears pounding - actually my headache disappeared with the rhythm section. LOL!

I get inspired by a good concert and I've seen some great ones - KISS, Deep Purple, Jeff Healey, BB King, Pink... to name a few. I like writing to music but when it comes to editing, the music is usually instrumental as sometimes lyrics create a barrier for me. But whatever works for each story.
*Rock 'n' roll*

What about you? Do you find music helps in your creative process? And what type of music is it?
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